Janice Hanly

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Couples Coaching

So many people in this world have come to believe that they are locked into their life pattern ...yet, new perception choices can truly set us free – Chelle Thompson

Couples who are feeling misunderstood by each other can really benefit from coaching. Their problems may seem insurmountable; communication has broken down and there is confusion and guilt around the dwindling of excitement in the relationship. Arguments prevail over parenting styles, tight finances and general lack of respect.

Coaching will facilitate the process of couples beginning to really listen to and learn about each other in a non-judgemental, supportive and objective environment. This will lead them to reach a deeper level of understanding of each other and their relationship.

The good news is that no matter how long into the marriage you are, the relationship can always be renegotiated!

Premarital coaching is an excellent start to a life-long journey of strength in togetherness and understanding with the ability to build on relationship strengths and to identify areas for growth. Tools will be given to resolve future conflicts and any other experiences that may cause the relationship to falter.

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